Sunday, March 1, 2009

My New Blog

Dear Friends,
After reading below updates, here's the link to my new blog:

See u guys in the gallery!

What the hack?

Oh well.. was juz uploading half way n blogger stops me from uploading further as i have exceeded my storage space! If i were to expand my storage space, had to purchase it! Ewwww... didnt know tis could happen! Gosh... Its all save in Picasa Web Albums, if i were to delete the pix, it would no longer appear in my blog... @#%!%@....... What should i do?! Start a new blog???

Master Crab @ Ghim Mo

Friday dinner treat from Dengjian @ Ghim Mo Blk 19...CRAB!!!
He treat us for thanking us pass 3years bday present for him.. haha...
Dolly, Carol, XBD, Ros, JJ & me were there.. too bad ah geok was sick!

Ah doll thinking which dish should she order!

Dengjian & Wife...


Steamed Fish

Chilli Crab.. Not v fantastic cos not spicy enough!

This is the best!!! Finally tried local Salted Egg Crab! SUPER nice!
Salted Eggs with a tinch of curry leaves and chilli padi taste.... Yummmmmy!

Bee Hoon Crab.. V tasty too!

Nv seen XBD ate tat much... she reali can eat tat nite.. Haha.. She had more crab than me! Power...

JJ enjoying wor.. hahaha...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

Lunch at PS Cafe Palais Renaissance

Love the floor tiles! V nice ambiance!

Lunch Menu, prices starts from abt $20 odd for a main dish.. Not cheap wor..

Dolly & XBD

Me & Yoshie

Everything was fine abt the place except its so damn cold & ONE v un-pro staff!! The rest of the waiters were v pro n friendly though.. they actually prepared some shawls for us.. Freezing!

Yeeeeyaaaaa ya ya ya....... Mao, muz teach me how to sing the weather song! Haha!

Food we shared, Lasagna.. taste wierd.. mayb its lamb meat.. Can give it a miss...

Nihon Salad... delicious! Soba with smoked salmon and lotsa veg..

This is the best dish of all! SUPER NICE! Steak Burger.... Yummmy!
Love the special fries sauce, a mixture of mayonnaise with lemon grass...

Tandoori Club.. So so.. taste v indian.. haha.. tink tandoori at Little India is better.. heehee...

Love the ambiance and food was great!
ps. dont miss it....

Geok's Bday

Geok's bday on last thursday...
Budget la so use recycle paper... hahaha... Cant see her monitor!

Bought her her fav sandals from tangs..

Shared among Dolly, Karen, Lao Jie n me..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dinner @ The Mahattan Fish Market

Had dinner with zinc ytd at PS.. as we wanted to pass her her belated bday present...
She was so busy that we didnt manage to mit her on her bday..

Me n sab bought her a small gift Crabtree Shower Gel..

Chilli & Tartar Sauce with miserable garlic given..

Juicy Fried Mushroom

Seafood Platter!
The rice and prawns were reali good!
But the Calamari and Fries was a disappointment.. Fish & Co's taste beta...

Gifts from HK

Fang back from HK trip, pass us some almond biscuit and a kawaii pen from disneyland.. Ke ai de pei ying heng ke ai, v xi xin write down the expiry date of the almond biscuit for us.. heehee.. tweet tweet...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kim Gary + Sushi Tei @ Vivo

Took half day off ytd.. mit up sab, we went Vivo Kim Gary for some snacks...

Thirsty big time! Weather recently was sooooo hot!
Lychee drinks to quench our thirst..perfect!

The best french toast in town..
Sab cut it innovatively in triangles... haha.. cos usually my pals cut in squares... heehee

And chicken wings! Yummmy...

After the hi-tea.. went shop around.. bought a bra from Tangs at 70% off! Great deal!
Heehee.. usual price was $79 wor! Lovable brand fr Australia... Kawaii!

After some window shopping... yeah, window shop nia... sab n me didnt manage to get anything from Zara la, Fox la, Topshop la, Forever 21 la... River Island too ex never go in.. haha..Heng ah save money and we decided to settle our dinner at Sushi Tei...

Got a window seat w privacy.. great..

Ordered the sashimi set from the promotion menu, price was rather reasonable!

Rainbow roll

Corn Cream Croquette

Sukiyaki... we find tat Sun Moon Sukiyaki taste beta...

Green Tea Ice Cream & Warabimochi

Our super small bottle of Choya shared among us! Pengzzzz...

Good Service, Good Food, Good Seat, Cute guy.. opssss
Haha..tats juz a customer whom we assume he is cute by his back and side view.. hahaha...

Tada! Sab bought a bag from Peddar Red after dinner!

We also shared a belated bday present for Zinc...